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They Are Watching Us

By Gauri Bansal, Class of 2018

In light of the recent installation of new surveillance cameras in the residences, The Edict recorded the views of various students around campus and what they feel about these recent additions. The cameras have stirred up debates across the student body. These policy decisions have made them feel alienated from the entire process and question the administration regarding its relevance. Here is what they had to say.

Despite having the clarification from the administration, most of student body seem to be unhappy with the new surveillance cameras. As mentioned by the students, they are promoting feelings of mistrust and doubt amongst the students. On one hand, students are worried about this being an invasion into their privacy and on the other they are also worried about the dissonance between what they learn inside their classrooms and what is being practiced outside of it. The student body has been clearly eliminated from this entire process. As being the ones who shall face the direct consequences of these new policies, the students feel that they should be kept in the loop before such decisions are taken.

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