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AUEC announces election timetable as more House members set to resign

by Aggam Walia (UG’22) TW: Sexual harassment The Ashoka University Election Commission announced on Saturday that the campaign period for the upcoming by-elections would commence on 13th September, Monday. Interested candidates will be able to file in their nomination on the same day until the 20th of September. By-elections for an unconfirmed number of HoR… Keep Reading

SH, Retaliation, and on Being a CASH Representative

by Yukti Saumya (ASP’22) a part of The Edict’s Cultures of Harassment series The onset of the monsoon semester brings to a close a summer that will remain etched in our collective memory for years to come. The third wave of Ashoka’s #MeToo movement was different from its predecessors for one significant reason-this time, perpetrators… Keep Reading

A Dive into the Ongoing Wave of Resignations

By Riddhi Verma Note: In this article, the culture around non-SH related resignations is being examined. Over the past months, campus politics has taken an unprecedented turn. For the first time we have seen such a large number of resignations within the student government (SG), with 4/5ths of the house resigning in a mere 4… Keep Reading

Unprecedented Resignations Continue, AUEC Calls for Immediate Elections

By Hanish Srinivasan (MLS ’22) As the student body wakes to more resignations in their inbox, the Interim Student Government’s strength and future hangs by a thread. The AUEC, in an email shared on 21st August, told the student body that it aims to hold “elections immediately” in order to “mitigate this unprecedented crisis”. While… Keep Reading

1 in 4 Ashokan Women Have Faced Sexual Harassment, Says SH Climate Report

By Hanish Srinivasan (MLS ’22) and Vedaansh Uberoi (UG ’23) The Report On Ashoka University Sexual Harassment Climate Survey, an undertaking of the CASH Policy Research team, hit the inboxes of all the students and alumni on 23rd July 2021. It enumerates data on the prevalence of SH at Ashoka, raising the question — how… Keep Reading

Instagram Confessions Pages: A Story of Faltering Internet Communication

By Eshna Sharma (UG23) and Rutuparna Deshpande (UG23) Anything goes under the garb of anonymity on the internet. It unleashes some of our best and worst behaviours. The case of one anonymous Instagram account, @au.rants.23, managed by some industrious UG23s is another retelling of the story of toxic online spaces. In this first instalment in… Keep Reading

Kolkata : Through a Kaleidoscopic Lens

By Rwiti Bhattacharya, UG’23 For years now, films have been turning modern metropolises into urban fantasy-lands where all dreams come true. Amidst these concrete jungles, characters seek out an identity and come into their own. But to view this evolution in isolation would be an oversimplification. Consider this, the all too familiar portrait of a… Keep Reading

Dissent, Debate, and CoffeeHouse Culture

By Amogha Sharma, UG’23 I was first introduced to the subject of this article a few months ago, through a chance conversation with a friend, the contents of which I now barely recollect. It wasn’t until a few months later that I found myself wondering more about the dominant café culture that exists across the… Keep Reading

Referendums and Elections: Charting a Realistic Path

By Aggam Walia (UG’22) Since March last year, we have attended three online semesters, experienced the tragic consequences of the second wave, and dealt with the frustrating ordeals of confinement. Campus politics hasn’t been forgiving either– an online election, a boycott of classes, numerous resignations, yet another round of SH allegations and the dissolution of… Keep Reading

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